Reward Effort
Not Just Results

Say Goodbye to Boring Rewards and Hello to Life-Changing Incentives.
We help incentivise all children and teens to stay involved in activities
improving physical and mental health 3x more than willpower.

kids rewards scheme

Retain More Students
Boost Enrolment

Keep your students engaged and motivated with Ambitious Rewards'
innovative incentive platform. Retain more students
and boost enrolment with ease.

kids rewards scheme

Set Goals and
Track Progress

Take control by setting goals on Ambitious Rewards. Teachers / coaches
can edit, track progress, and mark them as complete.
Reach new heights quicker than ever!

kids rewards scheme

Stay Connected with your child's
achievements in Real-Time

Parents: stay connected with your child's extracurricular achievements
and progress through Ambitious Rewards. Our platform
offers real-time updates and insights

kids rewards scheme

Rewards they really,
Really want

No more old-fashioned star charts Ambitious Rewards offers real rewards they actually want.
They'll get discounts from their favourite brands and vendors
when they achieve their goals

kids rewards scheme

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